Itsuki-sensei no Aishikata ha Hageshiku Okashii -Kiss shite Ikasete Toutonde- / 樹月先生の愛し方は激しくおかしい。~キスして、イかせて、尊んで!?
Rank: 387th, it has 11739 monthly / 79439 total views.
Authors: Sakyou yozakura /
Genres: Manga / Josei / Psychological / Romance / Smut
Status: Completed
Momoko is a hair stylist who spends her days down and depressed because she's not good at her job. The only way she can relieve stress is by reading the stories of her favorite manga artist, Kizuki Kureha. One day, on her way to work, Momoko is nearly hit by a truck. At the last second, a dorky-looking guy saves her. However, in all the ruckus, he gets covered with paint. To repay his kindness, Momoko gives him a haircut. When she does, she finds out that he's super handsome. On top of that, he pushes her down on a couch and begins touching her all over. Surprisingly, he's very skilled when it comes to bedding a woman. Even though she knows it's wrong, she can't stop feeling pleasure. But the real surprise comes when he shows her the story draft he's carrying!
I wanted to add that there is the element of stalking in this as well as a sexual assault scene in a later chapter so if you are not comfortable with those things I would not read on. It is very smutty and at quite a few times it is creepy.