Our Messy Circle / 贵圈真乱
Rank: 390th, it has 8989 monthly / 108209 total views.
Authors: Xiong ji / Chenyishui
Genres: Chinese , Josei , Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2017
As an aspiring actress, Wanwan Tang knows how to fake her feelings. But when it comes to superhot, superstar, actor Jian Ning she can’t hide her true feelings about him: she hates his guts! Whether sabotaging Wanwan’s lines or outright ignoring her existence, Jian has been nothing but rude to her. Yet, much like the movies they star in, there’s more to Jian behind the scenes. Is he really this rude? Or is it all just an act?

Chapters (173)

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