Rank: 150th, it has 25115 monthly / 25333 total views.
Authors: Yamada kintetsu /
Genres: Manga / Seinen / Ecchi / Romance / Smut
Status: Ongoing
Yaeshima Maasako is an office lady who has a complex about her excessive sweating and works at Lilia Drop, a company that manufactures makeup and bath products that are tremendously popular with women. While sparing no expenses with deodorant in her daily routine, one day Natori Koutarou of the commodity development department tells her, "Your body odor is wonderful! To develop new soap, I'll be coming to smell you everyday from now on!" Even so, she was not so opposed to the idea of being smelled...
Scanlated by Cirno9Baka 
Chapter 10 is translated by naga team.
This has only 10 chapters so far.
I want to buy this manga but i cant find a link or a sites where to buy it. If you have any idea. Just comment below. Thank you !

This series is officially licensed and if the series are available to buy in our country I will buy it and post it here, as for now let's just wait
and see when they release it. Thank you.- LOA
And if someone pick it up its okay to continue this. Thankies!