Futon to Kotatsu / My Quilt and My Coffee Table
Rank: 181st, it has 23835 monthly / 53691 total views.
Genres: Manga / Josei / Romance / Smut / Supernatural
Status: Completed
"My sex partners... are my quilt and coffee table!? Spirits that have inhabited objects take physical form!! Played with gently by my loving quilt, ravaged passionately by my favorite coffee table..." ...Yukiko has too much to drink one night after work. Her coworker takes her home and turns into a wolf! Just then, someone appears to save her... It's a mysterious man dressed in a kimono! Unbelievably, it seems he's the spirit of her quilt. Yukiko's taken aback at first, but he knows all of her erogenous zones, and...! Melting deep inside, he makes her cum again and again with his gentle, loving touch... ...Next up... is her coffee table!? Another spirit appears, this one jealous. With his passionate kiss, Yukiko's body runs hot from her head to her toes...
Yes, it's actually a futon and a kotatsu. A happy threesome. Why choose when you can have both >:3