The Lion Man and the Geek Girl -My First Time Was with an Animal-
Rank: 41st, it has 68372 monthly / 77379 total views.
Authors: Shishihime / Shishihime
Genres: Josei / Drama / Fantasy / Mature / Romance / Smut
Status: Completed
"Mm... Ohh...!" Yuri wakes up to find a super hunk groping her body... Eek! And then he grins and says nonchalantly, "Females like to make babies, don't they?" Yuri's so shy that just meeting a man's gaze makes her tremble. The only things that comfort her are her manga and Leo, a lion at her family zoo. But, has he really turned into a human being!? This king of the jungle is convinced that the best way to please a female is to make babies, and he's on the prowl 24/7. A story of love and sex that never stops sizzling with the brute force of a hot, loyal beast.