Living Together With First-Rate Men!? -My Childhood Friend Is a Perverted Animal- / 極上男子ぐらし 幼なじみはHなケダモノ / 極上男子ぐらし!?幼なじみはエッチなケダモノ
Rank: 70th, it has 57754 monthly / 190573 total views.
Genres: Manga / Josei / Comedy / Drama / Romance / School life / Smut
Status: Ongoing
"If you don't like it, tell me fast... or else I won't be able to stop."
He whispers sweetly in her ear, caressing her with his fingers and tongue... Was he always this animalistic!?

Masumi's life is busy with school and work, as she repays a debt left to her by her family. One day, she faints from fatigue, and the one who rescues her is Satoru, a childhood friend who now lives a luxurious life, completely different from the past. Realizing the difference between their positions now, she figures he must've forgotten their past together... but then he suddenly pushes her down! "Aren't you the one who forgot?" Also, for some reason, she ends up living with Satoru and his stepbrother.
Living in close quarters with two hotties is too stimulating... Her heart can't handle life with these first-rate men!
YearOftheFox: if there any releases, I'll continue upload this manga until complete on BATO

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jp/en :  18/13