Traditional Job of Washing Girl's Body / Asoko Araiya no Oshigoto / Asoko Araiya no Shigoto: Kataomoi Chū no Aitsu to Onnayu de / アソコ洗い屋のお仕事~片思い中のアイツと女湯で~
Rank: 199th, it has 19768 monthly / 156276 total views.
Authors: Toyo / Toyo
Genres: Manga / Seinen / Comedy / Harem / Mature / Romance / School life / Smut
Status: Ongoing
Male student Sota Tsukishima begins working at his family's public bathhouse as a back washer. While concealing her true identity, Sota's classmate Aoi Yuzuki visits the bathhouse. A relationship between the two begins to develop when Sota washes Aoi's back.
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Chapters (73)

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