I'm Making Love to You for Research -My Boss Writes Erotica- / 君を抱くのは仕事だから~雇い主は変態小説家~
Rank: 1278th, it has 1831 monthly / 69061 total views.
Authors: Yuuka hijiri
Genres: Japanese , Josei , Smut , Drama , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
Suzu's dream is to become an assistant to her beloved writer, Kyousuke Sasaki. While she's looking for him all over, she gets a job as an assistant to another novelist, also named Kyousuke. The only difference is that the Kyousuke she's working with now writes novels for adults and seems to have different plans for Suzu... Their turbulent relationship is riddled with misunderstandings and secrets, but their passion burns like fire.
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