The Queen's True Face -The Savage Colleague and the Office Lessons- / 女王様の化けの皮~キチク同期のオフィス調教~
Rank: 65th, it has 9388 monthly / 36358 total views.
Authors: Haru konno / Haru konno
Genres: Manga / Josei / Mature / Smut
Status: Ongoing
Misato is a top performer at her company who is feared by her colleagues and known as the Queen. Her luck runs out the day she takes on a challenge from her rival, Shusuke. "If you win, I'll do whatever you say." Then she's suddenly ambushed in the archives!!
"I enjoy forcing people like you into submission." He pins her down, violates her merely with his words... And turns out to be extremely dominating...!! It's the beginning of Misato's days of pleasure as they set out to get dirty in the hall, the conference room, and the office pantry...!
Misato is discovering a side to her she never even knew existed!
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