Rank: 6946th, it has 418 monthly / 18564 total views.
Authors: Yun jun sik / Baek ji un
Genres: Korean , Shounen , Adventure , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Supernatural
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2014
In a post-apocalyptic world, a group called Nemesis transformed the population into flesh-eating zombies.
A mysterious man calling himself Undead King tries to fight back with a group of survivors and supernatural creatures called Gangshis.
A young high school boy finds himself drawn into this fight and struggles to stay alive while trying to protect a young Gangshi girl named Yoo Yoo that was left in his care.
Last Translated Chapter : Chapter 159, 4 years ago
Last Raw Released : Chapter 320, 14-06-2020

Dropped by Tapas and removed from their library
Spotoon company is on indefinite hiatus since 2017, their website closed down, and their owner, Rolling Story Inc, has put its domain on sale (links on Wikipedia)

The author is good. Great world building, cool & interesting characters with multiples appareances for most of them, a tantalising story. And all of that.... without revealing the name of the MC even once !!!

I'm begging someone with good translation quality to pick it up, this series deserve it.

Chapters (160)

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