I’ll Tie You Down and Mess You Up / 음란 나비, 쾌락에 먹히다 / もっと縛って乱してあげる
Rank: 2nd, it has 30559 monthly / 32752 total views.
Genres: Manga / Josei / Mature / Psychological / Romance / Smut
Status: Completed
He gazes at her like he sees into her soul, and whispers in her ear. As he ties up her virginal body and toys with her, she begins to know pleasure for the first time.
Because of her family's debt, Rino drops out of college and starts looking for a job. A flyer for a high-paying gig blows in front of her. She jumps at the opportunity and applies, but finds herself tied up in front of onlookers... Just as Rino is flinching from her tormentor's raised whip, she's saved by bondage-performer Kyoya. It turns out, it's a members-only S&M club. After learning of Rino's plight, Kyoya suggests she become his personal pet!
BDSM-related themes. Only read if you're comfortable with this.