Gian thần mị quốc: Tà Vương, đừng quá hư / HOÀNG PHI CHÍN NGHÌN TUỔI / 凰妃九千岁
Rank: 4810th, it has 820 monthly / 9449 total views.
Authors: Qi man (柒漫)
Genres: Chinese , Shoujo , Comedy , Gender Bender , Historical , Isekai , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
The invincible commander of the Ye Jiajun was killed by a traitor and died in the battlefield. The Heaven is merciful; I was reborn, but I did not expect to be an eunuch!? Then, I almost got killed by the crippled prince on the spot!? Can someone tell me why does this prince hug me whenever he can? And even want kiss me!??

One is a servant who gets thrown away, and the other is a prince who gets treated coldly, being looked down by everyone. After their fateful meeting, they begin working together to purge corruption and bring prosperity to their imperial reign.

Based on a novel.

Chapters (2)

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