Confession (Kimpa) / Confession Method / Gobaekbeop / Kobaekbeop / 고백법
Rank: 25th, it has 99899 monthly / 100975 total views.
Authors: Kimpa / Kira
Genres: Manhwa / Josei / Romance
Status: Completed
Yoo Se-rin, an actress who has long had a crush on Sung Lee-Hyun, the head of the agency that found her.

She couldn’t hide her feelings for him anymore, asking him to teach him about sex on the pretext of filming…

“Then take it off. Don’t leave out a single thing.

If I step back now, I’ll never have a chance.

I want him to see me as a woman…
Hi everyone - ch4-8 was translated from Spanish to English by me, Ashli. I found the Spanish scans online but did not properly credit the group who made the Spanish scans, lo siento. 

The Spanish scanners are Asian Heart Fansub and they had amazing scans to work with. The reason I could get everything done so quickly was because they did such an amazing job scanning, cleaning, and translating the series. If you want to check out their stuff please find the links below: