Itsuka Lady ni / いつかレディに
Rank: 2678th, it has 1258 monthly / 1260 total views.
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Josei , Romance
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2012
MPCRS(?): E - Prohibited for persons under 14
Unlike most girls, Lucianna Stewart could never get used to being feminine. She'd always been a tomboy, and it didn't help that she loved to fix up old cars for a living. Luce is tired of everyone making fun of her lack of femininity, so she decides to put her all into becoming the kind of woman that could attract the attention of a man... namely her boyfriend. What she doesn't count on is family friend, Jake Carlisle, offering to lend a hand. Luce has held a grudge against the man since they were teens, but reluctantly accepts his help. Jake, on the other hand, secretly thinks Luce is perfect the way she is... but wants to see her happy. He helps her out with everything from body language to fancy clothes, and soon Luce starts to catch on. But soon he's worried he'll lose her to a man who'll only notice her looks... without appreciating who she truly is. And after spending all this time with Jake, Luce quickly finds herself more interested in impressing Jake than her boyfriend. Will Jake let Luce go in the belief that she'll never love him? Or will Luce sort out her mixed feelings for him?
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