Contains Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
あっちの練習はじめました / Practice Makes Perfect
Rank: 15178th, it has 219 monthly / 72.7K total views.
Authors: Ui hanamiya
Artists: Ui hanamiya
Genres: Manga , Josei(W) , Smut , Comedy , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
28-year-old Japanese national representative for volleyball, Nohara Suzuki, and Judo, Takaya Yano, are facing the same problem: they both just got dumped because they were too inexperienced in the world of physical relationships. So what do two over-achiving athletes decide to do? Practice, of course! And as Nohara and Takaya practice more and more, they may just find the ones they're practicing for...are each other.
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