His Secret Life as a Fake High Schooler
Rank: 4325th, it has 1140 monthly / 21657 total views.
Authors: Yoko misumi
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Yaoi , Smut , Drama , Romance
Release status: Completed
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
Don't make me take my uniform off...! Haru's number one at the place where he works at. They offer carnal services from "high school boys." Despite his cute looks, when he's behind the tinted mirror, he lets his pink tongue glide over the glass, plays with himself, and uses his hand to pleasure himself while seducing his customers on the other side. For Haru, this is the job he was born to do. He's legally an adult, but he wants to be loved as a high school boy... One day, Takashiro comes to him as a new customer. Takashiro is handsome, good at his work, and popular with both men and women. He's the "perfect" guy that everyone wants to be. Except he has a secret. He can only get excited with high school boys. A love story about Takashiro's obsession with high school boys, and their complicated pasts. Original uploaded at Bato.to Rating : 18+ Localization by : Renta
This manga comes with the theme, FAKE high school life. There is nothing to do with the underage people. 
Saying high school boys, and go to red light district to find high school boys there is not the same as go to actual high schools and grab the boys there. That's about reading comprehension.

I am the one who against sex in minors and THIS MANGA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE UNDERAGE PEOPLE
The scence is red light distric. The seme went there to see the show in high school Uniforms, not going to actual high school to grab some boys!!
If the contents have those minors involved in sexual manners, I will not pick that story!!

IF you don't even read the whole story, Don't spread false information!

Chapters (5)

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