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Authors: Gena showalter
Artists: Marito ai
Genres: Josei(W) , Action , Demons , Drama , Fantasy , Oneshot , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
[The Darkest Pleasure 1] Even if I'm afraid of him and hate him, I can't forget him… Exiled from Olympus, Reyes, a Guardian of the Gods, lives in a forest in Budapest for thousands of years with a demon sealed away in his body. A tourist from the United States, Danika, meets him and her life completely changes. Not knowing the reason, she becomes imprisoned in a castle of terrifying warriors. Though she was lucky enough to escape, her life became one of wandering around in hiding. Even so, she caught herself unable to forget the Guardian Reyes who toyed with her feelings. He's not human. He's a man too dangerous to love, but... [The Darkest Pleasure 2] I'm not afraid! This is the man I love! Danika comes to know that the man she loves, Reyes, has been charged with living with a horrible demon. However, her desire for him did not waver. Once a spy of the human organization, Hunters, that are trying to kill them, she soon left their organization and confessed everything to Reyes. Subsequently, the Hunters marched in to recapture Danika and a bloody battle begins! She is just an American tourist, so why is she being targeted by both the Guardians and the Hunters? This is the third story of a tense series!
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Chapter 2 : [End]
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