Yuuutsu na Asa / Ein melancholischer Morgen (German) / Gorzki poranek (Polish) / Melancholic Morning / Меланхоличное утро / ตราบสิ้นอรุณโศก (Thai) / 忧郁之朝 / 憂鬱な朝 / 우울한 아침
Rank: 4464th, it has 564 monthly / 2599 total views.
Authors: Hidaka shoko
Genres: Manga , Yaoi , Drama , Historical , Psychological , Romance , Slice of Life
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2009
From SuBLime

Upon his father's death, Akihito Kuze became a viscount at the age of 10. His smart, handsome young butler Tomoyuki Katsuragi has since managed all affairs pertaining to the viscountcy perfectly. The talented and charismatic Katsuragi is very popular in their social circle; but as Akihito grows older, he becomes colder and more distant by the day - though still as faithful to the Kuze household as he has ever been.

Akihito is now a young man, and desperately in love with Tomoyuki. He determines to discover the reason behind his butler's inexplicable behaviour, and this is where their story begins..

Chapters (49)

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