Shiba-kun to Shepherd-san Bangaihen
Rank: 15650th, it has 72 monthly / 2521 total views.
Authors: Ayu ikemori
Genres: Manga , Yaoi , Romance
Release status: Completed
MPCRS(?): C - Parental Guidance Suggested
Yuuto and Ouki are college students who met thanks to Ouki's German Shepherd Kotaro. Yuuto loves dogs, and Ouki can come across as cold despite being a big softy. Their love¡½filled days are now available in these bonus stories! Who knew Ouki liked to nap? They go for a date at a dog park on a cold winter day. Yuuto makes an effort on Valentine's Day. There's even a previously unpublished story about spring. One guy's got the large frame of a German Shepherd and the other's the size of a cute Shiba dog. Satiate that need for more of this lovey¡½dovey couple from the popular "Shiba and Shepherd" story!
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