Raeku no Sekai
Rank: 42846th, it has 2 monthly / 81 total views.
Authors: Zino
Genres: English , Comic , Manga , Webtoon , Western , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Magic , Superhero
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2020
MPCRS(?): C - Parental Guidance Suggested
During an attack in his province, Inyuga Riyek- a child of two renowned heroes,- experiences the haunting tragedy of failing to save a life. -Losing his dominant hand in the process, and entering a year-long coma. When he awakens, he must relearn to live, but most importantly, he must learn to cope with the trauma of his failure, and adapt to the high-bar expectations of his peers due to his bloodline.
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