Ranker Who Lives A Second Time / The Ranker Who Lives Twice / Ranker Who Lives Twice / Ранкер, который живёт второй раз / 二度生きるランカー / 두 번 사는 랭커 / Ranker yang hidup dua kali / du beon saneun laengkeo
Rank: 2532nd, it has 2218 monthly / 8259 total views.
Authors: Nong nong / Sa doyeon
Genres: Korean , Shounen , Action , Adaptation , Adventure , Fantasy , Magic , Monsters , Supernatural , Survival
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
Yeonwoo’s brother disappeared years ago, and he’s devastated to learn of his death. As he copes with his loss, he’s given a pocket watch and learns there’s more to his brother’s death: he was betrayed while competing in the Tower of the Sun God. Now it’s Yeonwoo’s turn to use the knowledge his brother left behind. Can Yeonwoo (call sign: Cain) navigate that world and gain enough power and experience to reach the top of the tower, defeating his brother’s enemies and all those who stand in his way?
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Chapter 19 : Ghost
soleil_ 46 + 274 62 days ago
Chapter 6 : Allies
soleil_ 33 + 268 51 days ago
Chapter 5 : Karma
soleil_ 38 + 220 51 days ago
Chapter 4 : Again
soleil_ 30 + 220 51 days ago