Ookami-otoko to Shiro-Usa Shounen / Ookamiotoko to Shirousa Shounen / The Wolf and His Little White Bunny / The Wolf Man and the White Bunny Boy / オオカミ男と白うさ少年 / 野狼男與白兔少年
Rank: 9215th, it has 111 monthly / 815 total views.
Authors: Matsunari kumiko
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Yaoi , Comedy , Romance
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2012
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
College student Tomoya, dumped by his first love, gets drunk and passes out in the pouring rain, only to be found by cafe-owner Takawa. But...... at night, the cafe becomes a bar, where the (all male!) staff become lingerie-clad bunnies! Tomoya ends up working at the cafe, forced to become a bunny himself, and then even gets down and dirty with Takawa! This is a sweet-but-sexy love story between a cool, arrogant older man and an ordinary college student. Rating : 18+ Uploaded: Bato.to Localization by : Renta

Chapters (6)

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