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Genres: English , Josei , Drama , Harlequin , Oneshot , Romance
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[Sarah's Child 1]
His heart still belongs to his late wife, Diane, but Sarah’s heart will always be his.
Sarah has been in love with Rome for a very long time, but her best friend, Diane, married him. Sarah would never break up their marriage, so she’s always kept her feelings to herself. Even after Rome lost Diane and their young children in an accident two years ago, all Sarah could do was watch over him as he ached. She knows Rome’s love still belongs to his late wife, but she can’t stop herself from loving him even if she never confesses to it. However, one day when Sarah gently holds him as he’s overwhelmed in sorrow, something subtle changes…and they wind up kissing!

[Sarah's Child 2]
She’s married her true love, but their love feels incomplete.
Sarah accepts a proposal from Rome, the man she’s loved for many years, even though the proposal comes with a difficult condition—they will not have children. Though she knows Rome still suffers from having lost his first wife and children in an accident, their incomplete romance hurts Sarah. She wants to build a home with her beloved Rome. Will the wish she made on a shooting star ever be granted?

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Chapter 2
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Chapter 1
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