Homura Sensei ha Tabun Motenai / Homura-sensei Is Probably Not Popular / Homura-sensei Is Probably Unpopular / Хомура сенсей не хороший / Хомура сенсей, вероятно, не популярен / ほむら先生はたぶんモテない
Rank: 4914th, it has 1150 monthly / 5853 total views.
Authors: Sekaneko
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Josei , 4-Koma , Comedy , Romance , School Life
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2018
In a white coat and a jersey, Homura is a young but not that young biology teacher who always looks tired, is unusually weak, is extremely afraid of today's high school girls, and tries to eat his pet frog when he is short of money. Ms. Hasumi is a high school girl who is chasing Mr. Homura, who is a lame but actually kind teacher (And cute.). Follow their day-to-day lives and interactions at school!

Chapters (28)

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Chapter 16
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Chapter 1
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