Taming the Absolute Tyrant / Menaklukan Seorang Tiran
Rank: 1649th, it has 2691 monthly / 11139 total views.
Genres: Korean , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life
Release status: Ongoing
MPCRS(?): A - No age restrictions
Kang Eun-Hyun, the CEO of "Red Fit," is considered the next-generation leader in the domestic game industry. There was only one thing he lacked, with his good-looking face and perfect physical: when he opens his mouth, his sharp words attack those listening!

Cho-Eun is Eun-Hyun’s secretary. With a calm and patient personality, she skillfully accepted the president's twisted words, and after work, continued her normal(?) work life by swearing at the same company colleagues and friends about Eun-hyun. However, Eun-hyun sharp words became worse as the days went by, and the moment she thought she had to make a decision whether to stay with Eunhyun, his words were so unexpected!

Cho-Eun personality remodeling love project, a universal secretary who tamed Eun-Hyun, the absolute tyrant!