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Authors: Choi yunyeol
Artists: Choi yunyeol
Genres: Webtoon , Josei(W) , Shoujo(G) , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Full Color , Mystery , Super Power , Tragedy , Vampires
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Year of Release: 2018
Year of Complete: 2020
Toomics Synopsis After being caught in an explosion caused by a meteor collision, Red wakes up to find that everything has changed. Synopsis that come from who knows where.... Vampires" and "humans" have been fighting for a long time. Two tribes, tired of long unknown fights, tacitly enter into a truce. It is a foreign truce that stands for a truce but the fact is that we are secretly looking for weapons that can destroy each other! On the other hand, humans find ancient meteorites bearing a special meteorite crystal called hematite. This 'bloodstone' had a terrifying power to destroy all life on Earth, and mankind will construct a new city 'Aegis' to study ancient meteorites. The vampire tribe notices the existence of ancient meteorites and collides another asteroid to 'Aegis' to take it away, but the 'bloodstone' in the ancient meteorite has already disappeared. 'Red' caught in an explosion by a meteorite crash will survive with a 'bloodstone' in his head ...?!
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This is already completed you can find it on toomics https://toomics.com/en/webtoon/episode/toon/4726

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 0 : Prologue
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