I'll Become The Tyrant's Tutor / 폭군의 가정교사가 되겠습니다 / 我要成为暴君的家教 / Я стала наставницей тирана / I Will Be a Tyrant's Teacher
Rank: 1610th, it has 2645 monthly / 5975 total views.
Authors: Chae yoowa / Dushu
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Shoujo , Isekai , Romance
Read direction: Left to Right
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
MPCRS(?): A - No age restrictions
Primabelle is astonished when she wakes up to find herself in a novel of her own creation as an obscure painter who gets killed by the male protagonist, Prince Rainsis. The world she created has not been kind to Rainsis. In addition to being colorblind, he has been shunned and feared his entire life, for a prophecy had been made that “the one trapped in a black and white world shall drench the empire in blood.” Primabelle resolves to disprove the prophecy after witnessing his misery firsthand. To do so, she must track down his destined other half. The only problem? All she knows about the fair beauty is that she has black hair and crimson eyes. Will Primabelle be able to help Rainsis see the world in all its splendid colors and find true happiness