december rain
Rank: 3407th, it has 1055 monthly / 1914 total views.
Authors: Kimon
Genres: Korean , Manga , Manhua , Manhwa , Shoujo , Shoujo ai , Shounen , Shounen ai , Yaoi , Adult , Mature , Violence , Drama
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2019
Year of Complete: 2020
Fresh out of the army, Suchae decides to take some time off and travel around the country by himself. On the first day of his trip, he spots a guy who looks totally his type at a rundown bus terminal. The only problem is, it’s the same guy who was jerking off in the bathroom 5 minutes ago. Despite the possibility of him being a creep, however, Suchae is drawn to the mysterious stranger. He finds everything about him...arousing. Who is this stranger? And why is he on the road?

*disclaimee: trigger warning & I did not translate this bl so please don’t be mad *


Chapters (6)

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