Watashi o Misete, Ore o Mite / わたしをみせて、おれをみて
Rank: 4371st, it has 1120 monthly / 5648 total views.
Authors: Asanori
Genres: Japanese , Yaoi , Comedy , Crossdressing , Drama , Romance , School Life
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2015
Year of Complete: 2015
High school student Mochizuki loves to dress up as a woman. While he was out cross-dressing one day, fellow student Amano, who's known for being a playboy, tries to pick him up! Not wanting to be found out, Mochizuki runs away. However, the next day at school, Amano discovers the truth and tells him he'll keep his secret under a certain condition...

Chapters (5)

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Chapter 4
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Chapter 3.5
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 1
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