Raising the Enemy Only Brings Trouble / Breed My Dear Enemy / How to Raise an Enemy / Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant / Yang Di Wei Huan / 养敌为患 / 强制欢宠:我的温柔暴君 / 転移お嬢様は導きたい! / 악당이지만 남주를 키웠습니다
Rank: 1578th, it has 5.2K monthly / 68.5K total views.
Authors: Fengyuziran / Kuaikan
Genres: Manhua , Webtoon , Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Left to Right
Release status: Ongoing
While on a military operation, I literally got sucked into the plot of an ancient book! Now I’m trapped as a little girl named Mu Ye, and the only way back to my real life is to obtain the "Map of Borders." But I need the scrawny little Lin Yan Mo, enemy to the Ye family, to lead me to it. I wanted to get rid of him, but maybe guiding him to become the greatest Emperor of all time is a better bet. Now if only he’d stop being so sneaky and devious…! I don’t have time to play these silly games!
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Chapters (101)

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Chapter 90 : Hope
tteokmin 750 + 1.7K 127 days ago
Chapter 78 : Overpowered
tteokmin 1.1K + 2.7K 156 days ago
Chapter 74 : Lovelorn Mo
tteokmin 1.1K + 2.9K 162 days ago
Chapter 65 : Traitors
tteokmin 1.2K + 2.9K 184 days ago
Special Announcement
tteokmin 2.2K + 4.9K 254 days ago
Chapter 36 : No Way In
tteokmin 2.1K + 4.7K 254 days ago
Chapter 33 : Blood Bone
tteokmin 2.2K + 5.1K 257 days ago
Chapter 31 : Sword Work
tteokmin 2.3K + 5.5K 257 days ago
Chapter 30 : Good Night
tteokmin 2.5K + 5.9K 257 days ago
Chapter 28 : Just Say No
tteokmin 2.4K + 5.5K 257 days ago
Chapter 23 : Creeping
tteokmin 2.5K + 5.4K 258 days ago
Chapter 20 : Truth Hurts
tteokmin 2.6K + 5.9K 258 days ago
tteokmin 3K + 6.2K 258 days ago



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