Boss's Favorite / Rosa
Rank: 19666th, it has 83 monthly / 4.4K total views.
Artists: Marito ai
Genres: Manga , Josei , Harlequin , Oneshot , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2018
Year of Complete: 2018
When they were in high school, Kelsey and Eric were passionately in love. Then one day, he disappeared without a word, standing her up at their prom. Ten years have passed since then… Now he’s a successful entrepreneur who lives next door to her parents! He still makes her heart pound, but he’s hard to read. Kelsey refuses to let herself be swept away by him. She needs to focus on more important things?as single mother, she desperately needs a job at his company. This volume also includes the story Rosa. Fate seems to have crossed the paths of Selena, a caretaker to the elderly Godfrey, and Ethan, a self-made businessman who built his career up from nothing. They’re feuding over the rights to a painting, but this mysterious painting has a history far richer and more magical than they ever imagined.
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So in this book there's 2 story: Boss's Favorite & Rosa so the story will be more shorter than the usual HQ manga~
Hopefully everyone enjoy it ~ :D

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Chapter 2 : Rosa
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