Ai no Ningyou / Kkeopdegi / Shell (KIM Tam-Mi) / 愛の人形 / 皮囊 (Daum) / 껍데기
Rank: 10449th, it has 249 monthly / 1281 total views.
Authors: Kim tam-mi
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Webtoon , Josei , Seinen , Drama , Psychological , Romance , Tragedy
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Hiatus
Year of Release: 2018
MPCRS(?): C - Parental Guidance Suggested
TaeHee, who was discriminated against based on her looks, goes to a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation, giving into the tempting proposal when DoHa the handsome director steps in and tells her, "I'll make you beautiful." Thinking that this was the shortcut to happiness, TaeHee accepts... but will she truly be able to obtain happiness by becoming beautiful?
Discusses abuse, cheating, self-hatred, self-harm, body dysmorphia, depression, lookism, manipulation, obsession, etc. Note that it is taken very seriously.
Colors used in this series may cause eye strain for those with sensitive eyes.