Protected by My Dragon Knight / 聖女は竜騎士様にまもられて
Rank: 258th, it has 23510 monthly / 49671 total views.
Authors: Umibird
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Isekai , Magic , Romance
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
Ichiru Futaba was just an ordinary office lady working at a high stress dead-end job. One day, when she's pushed to her limit and cannot get home in time to save her fluffy little dog, she falls to the floor unconscious. When she awakens,she realizes that she.. has died and been reborn! In a new world where magical creatures and humans coexist, and where the sand rain that faills from the sky harms these magical creatures, Ichiru struggles to form relationships due to her dark past. One day, when she finds a dragon on the brink of death, Ichiru summons a power she never knew she had. As a bright light comes from the palm of her hand, hope is reborn! Can she use her healing powers that only she has to save these furry magical creatures?
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