The Warmth of Those Left Waiting
Rank: 8855th, it has 383 monthly / 1345 total views.
Authors: Mayama
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Shounen ai
Release status: Completed
MPCRS(?): F - Prohibited for persons under 16
Renta: Ahn is a young boy living a frugal life in a small town far from the capital. One day, a scholar's son, called Suu, and his guardian by the name of Tan moved from the capital into the large mansion up on the hill. Ahn found himself at the mansion due to his usual delivery job and he met Suu. The pair got along splendidly and Ahn frequented the mansion ever since... "I... like everything about you, Ahn." Suu became more and more attracted to the bright and amiable Ahn, but behind Ahn's smile lied a hidden sadness buried deep in his memories...
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 1
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