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Authors: Julia justiss
Artists: Maoko nagasaki
Genres: Josei , Harlequin , Historical , Oneshot , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Release status: Completed
Carefully hiding her face, the beautiful widow harbors a dark secret… The Earl of Beau Lieu, better known by his nickname “Beau,” is one of the most powerful millionaires in England and a handsome bachelor who loves to solve mysteries. When his brother is gravely injured, Beau races to him and encounters an old woman draped in clothes that hide her appearance. He is surprised to learn she is the one treating his brother. What could an herbalist living in the countryside possibly do that a doctor couldn’t? However, the person he thought was an old lady is revealed to be a beautiful and intelligent young widow named Laura Martin. “What is a woman like her doing in a place like this, dressed like that?" asks Beau as his curiosity leads him to a place he never expected…
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