Rank: 1252nd, it has 7.2K monthly / 81.1K total views.
Artists: Apothecatry / Chiboniie
Genres: Action , Fantasy , Romance
Original language: English
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
What's worse than going to school? Going to school in another world to become a... knight?! After accidentally witnessing a sword-wielding woman slay a demon in the streets of Boston, Valeriana is kidnapped and forced to enroll in the magical Celeste Academy. It would've been great if she fit right in, but while everyone's learning to use their magic powers to protect the world of Valemnia from demons, she's stuck being the only human in class! To make matters worse, the demons are getting stronger. Not only is Valemnia in growing danger, but Earth could be their next target. Surely demons can wait to destroy the world until she gets her life together, right? BASED ON THE ORIGINAL NOVEL: tapas.io/series/celeste-academy
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Chapter 31 : Fatigue
KP_Poseidon 1.1K + 3.4K 103 days ago
Chapter 30 : Journal
KP_Poseidon 1.1K + 4.3K 137 days ago
Chapter 25 : Sparring
KP_Poseidon 1.1K + 4.4K 145 days ago
Chapter 22 : Aides
KP_Poseidon 1.2K + 4.3K 166 days ago
Chapter 9 : Ten Hours
KP_Poseidon 1.9K + 5.2K 219 days ago
Episode 4 : Captive
KP_Poseidon 2.2K + 5.7K 221 days ago



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