Nariyuki Kon, Nariyuki de Konyaku wo Moushikonda Yowaki Binbou Reijou desuga, Nazeka Jiki Koushaku-sama ni Dekiai sarete Torawarete imasu ,成り行きで婚約を申し込んだ弱気貧乏令嬢ですが、何故か次期公爵様に溺愛されて囚われています
Rank: 8752nd, it has 498 monthly / 70K total views.
Authors: Kotoko
Artists: Nimo kakunimoto
Genres: Manga , Shoujo(G) , Fantasy , Historical , Romance
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
From Gourmet Scans: “Umm excuse me… Are you willing to be my fiance?!” What was meant to be their first meeting became a once-in-a-lifetime confession for Alice, the bullied daughter of a poor noble. Not only that, the one who accepted was the Duke heir of the Verfeze Kingdom! In an unexpected twist of events, the handsome Arthur Grindelvalt agreed with a kind smile to the timid Alice, swearing “I will do anything for you.” Following that eventful meeting, Alice took the first steps upon her path to become the future duchess. What she did not know was how dangerous that path would be, with endless doing all that they could to take advantage of her timid personality. However, no matter what predicament she finds herself in, time and time again, Arthur’s love for her only becomes more and more passionate. From going together to school and making their way home again each and every day, to letting her live with him at his mansion and even installing a lock for her room…?! “Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone touch you anymore.” (…Why does he love me so much?) A secret past between the two of them will bring forth a sweet, romantic miracle in this classic Cinderella story that will sweep you off your feet!
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Chapter 1
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