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The name's Sally, I'm not Korean. I had to put it out there because of the nickname I chose soolee. It is supposed to be Korean but it doesn't mean I'm Korean. I choose that cute nickname because it sounds like my name Sally but I'm sure it meant something else. I'm a full-fledged 100% American-Chinese. My younger brother and I were born in America while my parents & older brother were born in China.

I'm a VRChat gamer. I own Quest 2 VR full-body tracking (FBT). I play this game literally every day for about 6+ hours. There are good and bad things about this game. The good things are you can make friends and interact in other creative worlds, lots of avatars/characters that are free, and so much more. The bad things are the fact that there are so many people out there hunting you like prey, toxicity, lewd (especially since the game is supposed to be available for ages 13 and up).

I am the proud owner of starry peace, Misty Rain Scans, and Forgotten Scans. I am temporarily taking over Judy Scans, Happy Tea Scans, and Entropia Scans until the owner is back.

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