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If you need help in typesetting just contact me in discord or if you just want to talk then go. I accept suggestions for uploads too and I'll do my best to upload it.

List of Series & Upload Schedule

Kinks in Development ; Every Monday (KST)
Gold Gray ; Every Monday (KST)
Fox Spirit as the Best Actor ; Every Monday & Thursday (KST)
The Dragon's King ; Coming Back Soon
The Genderswapped Host ; Coming Back Soon
What Happens Inside the Dungeon ; Every Tuesday (KST)
The 13th Night ; Every Thursday (KST)
Sharpe & Rabbit ; Every Thursday (KST)

Welcome to the Cafè of Love
The Only One Who Didn't Know
How To Hate Mate
Ordinary Men
See You at the Crosswalk
Blue, Black, Sky
Your Highness, Please!
Miss You, Lucifer [R-Version]

Frightening Cohabitation
Put a Smile On (Ya'll can continue this)
How the Knight Lives as a Lady

The Desire to Kill ; END (Done)
My Borrowed Body ; (Done)
Sneak Peek ; (Done)

will always be updated

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