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From Sunshine Butterfly~

Please join our Discord server for early access and server-only releases~

We are a non-profit, small-to-mid, mature team of BL lovers hoping to share with you the manhwa/manga/manhua stories that we enjoy~
Please join our team in our adventure! :3

Current recruiting: (16+ only, 18+ for NSFW)
- Korean Translators *urgent
- Korean Proofreaders *urgent
- Manga/Manhwa Cleaner/Redrawers *urgent
- Manga/Manhwa Typesetters *experienced
- Manga/Manhwa Dick Redrawers
- Japanese Translators
- Raw Providers (Lezhin, Peanutoon)
- Server managers and moderators

OGMonbb & hinaemi are authorized uploaders for the group 👍

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