Chapter upload guide


Not Allowed:
  • Do not upload bulk chapters (Example: Ch 1-10 as one chapter).
  • Refer to the Generally not allowed section of the Introduction.
Fan scanslation and official version:
  • We strongly recommend that you do not upload fan scans and the official version to the same Comic ID, please create different Comic IDs for them.
  • We strongly recommend that you obtain permissions from the scanslation group before uploading fan scans.
Naming Conventions:
Chapter Number
Number only, decimals allowed. Example: 0 1 3.5 18
Use 0 for Prologue and name the release name Prologue below.
Use decimals (Example: 1.5) for special/bonus/omake/etc.
Use 1 for Oneshot and name the release name Oneshot below.
Volume Number
Number only, decimals allowed. Example: 0 1 3.5 18
Release name
By default, we will automatically generate a release name based on the value of volume number and chapter number. You can customize the release name by filling in this field. However, automatic sorting is still determined by the values of chapter and volume, and is not affected by the release name you inputed here.
Example: Chapter 6 Episode 99 Season 2 Ep 18 ISSUE 23 Punch 1024 Day 1001 Prologue Oneshot
Release name short Version
Short version of the release name. May be used on some small screen devices.
Example: C6 E99 S2E18
Image upload:
99% upload progress:
You may find that when the file upload progress reaches 99%, the upload seems to be frozen. In fact, when the upload progress reaches 99%, it means that the server has completely received the file you uploaded, but it still needs time to identify the image and distribute it to multiple file servers. The duration of staying at 99% usually depends on the size of the file you uploaded and the load of the server at the time. If you are uploading a large zip file, you may have to wait for tens of seconds. Currently, the web browser waits for the server for a maximum of 600 seconds. So if the upload status does not change within 600 seconds after the upload progress reaches 99%, it is likely that our server has timed out, which means our upload task failed, but there will be no prompts on the interface.
Very long picture:
Usually, uploading a very long image (for example, an image with more than 50000px in height) is likely to crash your browser down. Even if you upload it successfully (depending on the performance of your machine and whether the server takes less than 600 seconds to process the images), when the user browse the chapters you upload with a lower performance machine, the user’s browser may also crash because the picture is too long. To solve this problem, we implement the following processing: When the height of the uploaded image exceeds 3000px, the image will be split into multiple pieces, each with a height of 3000px.
The order of uploaded pictures:
The uploaded pictures is sort by the file name. We recommend adding to the "Selected" list after all image files are uploaded.
Successfully uploaded pictures will be arranged in the order you added them. If it is a zip file, the natural order of the pictures in the zip file will be maintained. If the uploaded picture is very long and is cut into small pieces by the server, the order of the small pieces will still keep the order of the original picture.
Upload .wepb files:
.webp files will be automatically converted to .jpeg files, please feel free to upload .webp files directly.
In fact, we currently accept images in webp image format to be uploaded. But because we have not done the conversion of webp to jpeg, the chapters containing webp pictures will not be displayed normally on iPhone and safari, so we currently do not recommend you to upload files in webp format. Of course, we do not object to you uploading webp format pictures now. We will also convert webp pictures into jpeg pictures for display on some Apple devices.
Upload .pdf files:
The program will try to convert every page in the pdf into a picture. We have not done much testing on pdf files yet. Another way to upload a pdf file is to open the pdf file in a browser, then use the screenshot plugin to take a screenshot of the entire page, and finally upload the image file generated by the screenshot plugin.
Auto Sorting:
  • Chapters with blank volume value will be sorted at the top.
  • Chapters with volume 0 and chapter 0 will be sorted at the bottom.
List Status:
  • Normal: Normal chapters will appear in the list.
  • Hidden: Hidden chapters will not appear in the list.
  • You can open multiple chapter upload pages at the same time.