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About is an online comic sharing platform for all languages, made by comic fans for comic fans and gives active uploaders complete control over their contents. Everyone is welcome here as long as they follow the rules.

Generally not allowed

  1. Fake/Spam/Troll/Fraud/Phishing/Child pornography/Discrimination/Terrorism/Intimidate/Advertising.
  2. Or any other behaviors that will cause public disgust or discomfort.

Adding Comic

What is allowed?
Comics or comic-related content, comic/manga/manhwa/manhua/doujinshi/webcomics/imageset/arts.
Duplicate entries.
In order to allow uploaders to have full control over the comic ID they added, we allow duplicate entries to be added. Uploading only a few chapters to the comic ID you added is also allowed. We will find a way to link the same comics (this feature is not yet complete).
Modify permissions
You have complete control authority for the comic ID you added, and you can set it to only allow yourself or specified users to modify/upload it.

Uploading Chapter

Modify/upload permissions

  1. Comic ID creator have full control over the comics they added.
  2. For the comic ID that was not added by you, you can modify and upload it as long as there is no restriction by the creator.
  3. Or contact the creator and ask for permission.
  4. Currently, the creator can only be contacted through Discord or Disqus. We will develop a private messaging system on the site as soon as possible to help you contact the creator of the comic ID.
  5. For comic IDs without creator, if you need control permissions, you can join our Discord Server and ask for help in #site-support channel.


What moderators will do?
  1. Refer to Generally not allowed to delete contents that is not allowed.
  2. Ban users who violate the rules.
  3. The moderator has control over all comics. If you need control over a comic ID, you can join our Discord Server and ask for help in #site-support channel
Under what circumstances will the moderator authorize you to modify and upload the comics?
  1. You have a valid reason for obtaining the modify/upload permissions of a certain comic ID.
  2. There is no creator for that comic ID. Or, the creator did not set it as private (Set as can only modify/upload by creator or specific user IDs).
What the moderator will not do?
  1. Actively modify the contents uploaded by users within the scope allowed by the rules.
  2. Accept content modify/removal request.

Content removal request

We generally process content removal requests in the following situations:
  1. The data center asks us to delete specific contents.
  2. Contents what is mentioned in Generally not allowed.
We do not have the ability and energy to be judges of ownership, and we do not want to get caught up in such disputes. We may assist you to contact the uploader, and then communicate with the uploader yourself, but we do not make any guarantees.

Discord server

  1. Welcome to join our discord server:
  2. Managers is responsible for Discord affairs. Uploaders/Moderators/Developers is responsible for website affairs.
  3. Any questions about the bato website or discord server can be asked in the #ask-a-question channel.
  4. Reporting an error on a chapter(s) can be done in the #chapter-errors channel.
  5. Requesting a series or updates of an inactive comic can be done in the #upload-requests channel.
  6. For support on the Bato website, a request can be made in the #site-support channel.

*Note: Please use the channels listed to make a request or to find support before DM-ing specific roles(uploaders/moderators/managers) or individuals. The Bato staff will monitor the channels and will answer in a promptly manner. Failure to comply will result in a possibility of being kicked out of the Discord server.

Title colors

Blue = Normal
Red = Popular
Green = Newly added