Forgotten Scans

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People who are somewhat derpy with adorable open hearts. ~Julia, our web designer


Update Sept. 6, 2021
It took me a long time to bring it back. The website is still there but it's not updated at all. So all updates are only sent on our discord server.
For all information, only contact soolee#2516. All other admins no longer work there, only one of them is paying for the website.

Update November 1, 2021
Here is the updated project listing and the inquiry of what we need:
Bowling King - Need typesetter
Black Dog - Need cleaner/typesetter
Jing Meng Hou Gong - Need Chinese TL
Hell Teacher Nube - Need Japanese TL
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - Need CL/RD
Chibi Maruko-Chan - Need Chinese/Japanese TL
T.R.A.P. - Need Japanese TL
Doraemon - Need Japanese TL & CL/RD

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