Rank: 2273rd, it has 3.9K monthly / 13.3K total views.
Authors: Demonicblackcat
Artists: Mea / Hiikariin
Genres: Webtoon , Josei , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Office Workers , Romance
Original language: English
Translated language: English
Original work: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2022
What’s it like to work at an office where all of your bosses are literal gods and goddesses? Iris, a young human woman, is swept into the world of divine bureaucracy as a mailroom assistant in the corporate HQ of the Olympians themselves! But this is no easy place for a human to be, and she’s already gotten off on the wrong foot with two handsome demigods: the fiery, short-tempered Dante, and the stoic but gentle Orion. As she grows closer to them both, can she keep her personal and professional lives separate while surviving Eros’ antics, Aphrodite’s temper, and Hermes’ pranks.
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