Contains Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
붉은 여우 -흘레담-
Rank: 535th, it has 9.3K monthly / 75.2K total views.
Authors: Hama (하마)
Artists: Hama (하마)
Genres: Manhwa , Josei(W) , Smut , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Psychological , Romance , Tragedy
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2022
The continuation of the story [Red Fox]. Sana, who was bestowed upon the destiny of eternal life, and the only being who can accept her, Iza. “The moments when you deeply yearn for someone always tend to come unexpectedly.” [ Red Fox -HeulRae Dam- ] Begins now.
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— TW heavy storyline with lots of angst! Readers discretion is advised. Snudae Scans is recruiting Translator, Proofreader, CLRD & Typesetter! join our discord :

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