Mr. He
Rank: 4654th, it has 1K monthly / 23.8K total views.
Authors: 蔡蔬菜
Artists: 蔡蔬菜
Genres: Manhua , Comedy , Shounen ai
Original language: Chinese (粵)
Translated language: English
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
The story of MR. HE and his cronies, the artist said she/he planned it to just a one shot story but it turns out it became a daily story of MR. HE and his boyfriend along with his cronies.
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Sending with love
LilyAlleje23 2.3K + 46K 575 days ago
I'm watching you
LilyAlleje23 2.3K + 46.3K 575 days ago
Chapter 16
LilyAlleje23 2.6K + 50.4K 575 days ago
Mr. He [little car]
LilyAlleje23 2.6K + 50.2K 575 days ago
Chapter 5
LilyAlleje23 3.6K + 75K 576 days ago
Nail cutter
LilyAlleje23 3.8K + 77.5K 576 days ago
Rocking horse
LilyAlleje23 5.2K + 109.8K 576 days ago
Chapter 0.5
LilyAlleje23 5.8K + 116.9K 576 days ago