Contains Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
Claimed by a King #1
Rank: 10750th, it has 332 monthly / 4.4K total views.
Authors: Kelly hunter
Artists: Kaoru ohashi
Genres: Josei(W) , Smut , Drama , Harlequin , Netorare/NTR , Romance , Royalty , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Year of Release: 2022
I had given up on this love that could never be… But after being reunited with him… The day has finally come where Ana will have to tell the truth about her sweet daughter. Seven years ago, Ana met an attractive man named Cas and fell in love. But after a week together, he suddenly left without a trace. After realizing she was pregnant, Ana happened to see Cas’s face in a newspaper—he was the heir to a throne and betrothed to another! Ana has been living a quiet and peaceful life ever since, so why is he suddenly back? And why is her heart beating so fast?
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💙 SEPTEMBER 2022 NEW RELEASE 💙 ❗️TRIGGER WARNING❗️ FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAS "SECRET BABY TROPES" ALLERGIES ROYALS AND STUFF YOU'LL DEFINITELY FIND THIS HQ DISTURBING (STOP READING THIS INSTANT AND LET OTHER PEOPLE ENJOY IT!!!) Enjoy Peeps! 😍 Psst.. Look forward for Princess Moriana story on "Convenient Bride for the King" 😉 And btw, I Love how the FL portrayed here as an independent woman 😘 Claimed by a King Series.. #1 Shock Heir for the Crown Prince #2 Convenient Bride for the King #3 Untouched Queen By Royal Command (no adaptation thus far) #4 Pregnant in the King’s Palace (no adaptation thus far) NTR Level 2, I guess? Being in engagement since childhood and there's no love involved 💔

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