Contains Adult genres, is considered NSFW.
The O’Connels Series #1
Rank: 54793rd, it has 9 monthly / 1.4K total views.
Authors: Sandra marton
Artists: Ryo takumi
Genres: Josei(W) , Adult , Adaptation , Drama , Harlequin , Romance , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Year of Release: 2023
Year of Complete: 2023
A kiss that I thought was a mistake. He doesn't think so...? It's a passionate kiss. A kiss impossible to forget. Lost in the atmosphere at a friend's wedding, Cassie kisses her employer, Keir. He is the manager of the Las Vegas hotel where Cassie works. He is also the sergeant of the venerable O'Connell family. In addition to the different world she lives in, Cassie hears Keir say that she is just an employee, and in order to forget everything, she takes a new job and leaves for another land. She never thought that her new boss at her new job would be Keir and that they would see each other every day...
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❗️ FOREWARN❗️ December 2023 New Release So bear with me cause I'm going to upload it verrryyyy slowly 😎 Please don't judge my sadist side (they say), posting HQ partially It's in my blood (they say) 🤪 If you're itching to read it fast, I kindly suggest.. "Please Support The Author & The Artist" ❤️ You can buy them online through various places 💋 . Instant chemistry plus hot banters is your cup of tea? Then don’t missed out on this one Enjoy Peeps! 😍 (It’s quite 🔥 and it’s been a while since the last time I saw flowers in the panels, if you catch my drift) 🤭 The O’Connels Series.. #1 Keir O’Connel’s Mistress #2 The Sicilian Surender (no adaptation) #3 Claiming His Love-Child (no adaptation) #4 The Sheikh's Convenient Bride #5 The One-Night Wife #6 The Sicilian Marriage

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