All Around Type-Moon - Ahnen-Erube no Nichijou / ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON - Ahnenerbe Kyoushikyoku / ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON -Ahnen-Erube no Nichijou- / ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON~アーネンエルベの日常
Rank: 102240th, it has 1 monthly / 1.3K total views.
Authors: Type-moon
Artists: B-suke
Genres: Shounen(B) , Comedy , Fantasy , School Life , Slice of Life , Supernatural
Translated language: Spanish
Original work: Ongoing
Can't get enough of Type-Moon crossovers? Ever wondered about the strange café in Carnival Phantasm?<br /><br />Welcome to Ahnen-Erbe, where the casts of Fate, Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai hang out in their free time. Enjoy the random yet funny events that happen, as the three heroines get together in this café.<br /><br />Related:<br />>Fate/stay night<br />(<br /><br />> Kara no Kyoukai<br />(<br /><br />> Shingetsutan Tsukihime<br />(
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