If it's for you, no matter how far... / Magical Butler / Naraku Doku Emaki / Naraku Izuko Emaki / Non-non / Non-non no Nochi / Non-non-non
Rank: 28475th, it has 72 monthly / 4.9K total views.
Authors: Nakamura asumiko
Artists: Nakamura asumiko
Genres: Yaoi(BL) , Adventure , Comedy , Historical , School Life , Supernatural
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
In the Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo series:<br /><br />V.1 - Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo<br /><br />1.Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo:<br />Detective Takachiho had finally caught the elusive criminal Nanami Yoichi after chasing him all the way to a remote island. But what will happen to the pair of them when they accidentally miss the ferry home?<br /><br />2.Magical Butler:<br />The Butler Tsuruhami tries to turn away a door-to-door salesman, but it won't happen that easily...<br /><br />3-6.Non-non/ Non-non no Nochi/ Non-non-non:<br />Ichimaru and Yamada have been friends since the beginning of highschool. Yet the closer they get, the more... awkward their friendship becomes!<br /><br />V.2 - Naraku Doku Emaki<br />Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo: Heian Style Special<br /><br />The serious and straight-laced government official of the Capital and Officer in the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards, Takaichiho no Takumi, just can't ignore the annoying fake onmyouji, Nanatsumi no Hirokazu, who keeps hitting on him. And now he's forced to work on an accident involving ayakashis! But for the pervert Nanatsumi, he uses every chance he has to turn the situation into a dirty one!
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